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Eating too much of protein pours more stress on your kidneys. Nitrogen is a main component of proteins, but our bodies do not use much of it. Therefore, our kidneys have to filter out the excess nitrogen as urea (pee). A build up of nitrogen in the body would have toxic effects. 

Also, if you are getting a lot of your protein from mammalian red meat, you could be increasing your risk of cancer. Glycans are carbohydrates from red meat and milk get incorporated into human glycoproteins stimulating inflammation and raising the risk of carcinomas. - surfnrunnr

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I ate ice cream for the first time in like 3 years. I calculated about 70% saturated fat and an overwhelming amount of sugar in it, but I still ate it because I was hungry and I figured after making hundreds of bags of ice cream I should at least eat one. Then I felt disgusted and gross and like I don’t deserve my body, but it’s okay because I’m not going to eat ice cream again for a very long time. <3

Ex. diet of a day for a guy who has 9% body fat

Assume eating every 2 to 3 hours. No, I don’t add any dressing/sauce/salt to my food. Drink water a lot, some soy milk, some juice. Watch for sugar in drinks. I occasionally add black pepper to food for taste. 

Breakfast: fiber enhanced waffles (2) at 10-15% fat with low fat peanut butter (smeared completely on one of the surfaces), banana, cookie (not a super fat/sugary one)

Snack: asian bakery ham/cheese bread or hot dog bun, wheat/low fat ritz crackers

Lunch: Wheat bread 2 loaves sandwich, with 3 egg whites inside, and 2 no-fat slices of ham (try to find low sodium, but it’s hard, do not go over 15% sodium per slice of ham), lettuce if available

Snack: 1 slice of garlic bread (14% fat, yes this is NOT ideal food but I eat it anyway), 5 pieces of wheat-breaded (instead of the crunchy covering) chicken nuggets with a lot of protein and relatively little fat/sodium. A kit kat bar about     I————————————I big (very very small, trust me)

Snack: Fried rice WITH vegetable and meat, should have a LOT of vegetable/meat, do not get fried rice that has 90% rice-_- If necessary, make own vegetables/meat and add on, or egg whites to add on.

Dinner: usually whatever my family makes, I adjust and take out/nitpick the food if it isn’t healthy as it can be. White rice (my parents won’t let me get brown-_-), Soy sauce chicken breast meat (my dad takes out a part just for me without the soy sauce, make sure you can’t see any fat at all on it, no skin either), spinach, tofu, tomato fried eggs (I put a lot of the tomato sauce into my rice).

Last snack: same thing as breakfast:) 

These posts about food and dream bodies

Why can’t you just eat healthy food that also tastes good? It’s not hard, I’ve been doing it for the last three years at least. Once you start eating healthily, add in exercise and workouts (which are NOT supposed to murder your muscles, by the way) that are enjoyable and satisfying, and just live better. It is not that difficult, guys.


watching people eat healthy food is always so sad because you know their life sucks

excuse me? I happen to completely enjoy eating healthily.

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There’s nothing to eat

And by nothing I mean nothing healthy. FML. Dinner at 8.

Why I don’t care when guys have bad health habits.
  1. bubblemilkt replied to your post:Let it be known
    maybe ill od on boba and die then you’ll care
  2. thefatcow1 replied to your post:Let it be known
    no 1 cur ‘bout ur pinion.

Nah, you won’t do that. Tommy, I get sad about girls’ bad health habits for several reasons. I’ll be honest.

1. Girls get fat/look bad from the lack of health, and I like seeing healthy, fit girls. I don’t care what guys look like.

2. I feel an inner want to protect girls from bad health. I don’t want to protect guys-_-

3. A lot of girls complain about their weights/bodies and state that they want to lose fat or something. I never hear a guy do that, only “work out more to get buffer” or something that’s not nearly as important as maintaining food habits.

Let it be known

Whenever girls do something dangerous, unhealthy, or “bad” in general especially to their health, I feel a sadness in my mind.

Whenever guys do something dangerous, unhealthy, or “bad” in general, I don’t really care (except for myself). Yeah, I know, I’m a bad person, etc. 

because i snack during break which ruins my appetite. school lunch isn’t that great either.

People should eat at least once every 4 hours if not more, no one should ever be hungry. Snacking is fine, but at least bring something like a sandwich for lunch if you hate school lunch:( I usually just get chicken sandwich and put lettuce on it, and drink apple/orange juice. 

From now on, I’m going to avoid all food that contains
  • hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • vegetable shortening
  • margarine

in the ingredients list. Goodbye trans fat^_^

After 6 months of healthiness

I’ve finally gotten sick again. Ugh this is so uncomfortable - aching back, aching feet, aching head, fever, and slight cough. This better go away, I have so much homework to do. gahhhhhh. fml.